Vitor Carvalho
Web Developer


I'm a passionate Web Developer.
I'm a Coder and UX-thinker.
I love Wordpress and I mostly use it for websites.
Feel free to contact me with the form below.

Who I am

My Skills

  • Wordpress
  • PHP
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • JS/jQuery
  • UX-UI Patterns
  • Mobile
  • Joomla/Drupal
  • Flash
  • Java

Welcome to my website. I’m Vitor Carvalho, a freelancer who provide WordPress-based services.
I’m located in Lisbon, Portugal, my hometown. Two things that define me perfectly: coding and music. Most of the time you can find me doing the those two things.


I started to learn computing at 15. At the age of 16, I started to do some programming in C and Python. Now I am a WordPress Developer, Web Apps developer and much more.


I do websites of any kind, web services and web rich applications. I mostly use WordPress as interface and/or framework for that development. I’ve also leaded the development of a little framework focused on web services called WebServ Framework (nowadays it’s being – slowly – ported to WordPress via plugin in my spare times).

Books I’m reading

HAWKING, Stephen, The Grand Design, Bantam Books, 2010
TADLOCK, Justin, Professional WordPress Plugin Development, Wrox, 2011
TIDWELL, Jenifer, Designing Interfaces, 2nd edition, O’Reilly, 2011
OSTERWALDER, Alexander, Business Model Generation,  2011



What I do

I do every kind of Web development, from Websites to Web services and Rich Web Applications. They are what I like to do the most.

  • WordPress


    I deploy websites and web apps with WordPress. Blogs, Online Stores, Corporate and Business Websites, Customer Relationship Managements: everything is managed from just one interface!

  • Coding


    I can code your business Workflow and link it with WordPress. Even reports of almost everything your users do can be achieved with Google Analytics.

  • SEO


    Web presence is everything and how Google “sees” your website counts! A good development, a Google Analytics account and the use of Social Networks can make the difference in few days.

  • Consulting

    icon consulting

    I can offer good advises helping you to take decisions in:

    • WordPress and Websites
    • Web presence, Social Networking and SEO.
    • Process Optimization and Web resources.
    • Web Marketing deployment and the use of Google products.


What I did

  • MadeIn – Guimaraes European Cultural Capital 2012

    MadeIn was an international competition of ideas for public artworks destined to reconfigure 5 public spaces in the city of Guimarães beyond 2012. This website  manages the enrolment of that competition, with sign up form and a login-status system.

    • Enrolment sign up form
    • User Management

    In collaboration with Pedro Pereira da Costa

  • PubTMNS

    PubTMNS provides services of advertising gifts for companies in the portuguese-spoken countries. It was possible with WordPress to handle rapidly with ten thousand pictures and more than two thousand products due to its built-in bulk-upload.

    • Website in Portuguese
    • Showcase and direct ordering

  • Competisport

    Competisport, Lda. is a company headquartered in the center of Portugal. Their main goal is to offer the portuguese audience access to all kind of motor sport competition products, which otherwise could be expensive and scarce.

    • Website in Portuguese and English
    • Online shop providing online automatic payments
    • CRM and Order/Payment-status back office

  • Associacao Mais Cidadania (European NGO)

    This European NGO has its headquarters in Bairro-alto, a central neighborhood of Lisbon. Multiethnic and multicultural diversity is one of the greatest nightlife in the city.

    • Website in Portuguese and English
    • Backoffice for website content
    • Contact Management for memberships


Contact Me

You can reach me with the form below. Use it to contact me, questioning, ask for a quote or simply to start a nice talk.

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